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Flat Tire on Mountain road
Shit Happens: 2019
with FSQ
With FSQ: 2012
The gang Summer 2013
The gang: Summer 2013
DSi on an AP1100:
DSI on an AP1100: 2015
DSI Nightscape
DSI Nightscape: 2015
TEC140 at Palomar Site
With TEC140 and AP1100 : 2014
AP1100 and FSQ
AP1100 with FSQ106:2014
With Jeep
Brought the Jeep up this time: 2017
FSQ with solar set-up: Palomar
Summer dual imaging set-up: 2017
Full House: 2016
Clouds roll in at dusk: 2018
Waiting for Dark: 2014
DSi and Milky Way
DSI and the Milky Way: 2019
FSQ with solar set-up: Palomar
Summer Milky Way: Photo by Behyar, 2018
Late Afternoon: Summer 2018
Not the kind of entertainment we need: 2017
Entertainment to pass the time: 2015
Quick capture by Bob Lockwood: 2009
Waiting out a rainstorm: 2011
Bob and Scott, Palomar Mt
"Double click, I think": 2007
Scene at Palomat Mt
Ancient Gear: 2007
Palomar overlooking the desert - after a brief rainstorm
Skyscape from Palomar Mtn: 2013
Star Party under the Milky Way
Star Party: Photo by Behyar, 2016
Planting our Pole Star Guidepost in 2012