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3 DSIs: 4/21/23
A Very Green LBV: 4/15/23
DSI at LBV: 2/26/22
Sunset at LBV: 10/09/21
Group at LBV: 10/09/21
Chilly sunset at LBV: 11/23/19
Under the Shade, LBV: 11/22/19
Small Group at LBV: 11/16/18
Eurovan Astro-Camping: 3/26/15
Bob: 2010
Dan: 2010
DSi with FLI
Current Imaging Set-up: 2019
Fully Protected from winds: 2019
Dobsonian Row : 12/2/16
Group Camp: 12/30/16
Twin Cottages : 12/2/16
Frozen Instruments:/2/25/17
Unclutterd Astro-Camping: 11/24/17
Photo by Behyar: 11/25/17
Already getting cold: 4/13/18
Our fearless ambassador: 1/20/07
TEC140 with FLI
TEC140 with FLI 6303: 2/18/18
R200SS Newtonian
Vixen R200SS and Friends: 3/20/15
Solar Imaging
Desert Site with Solar Telescope:/5/9/16
Setting up on the patio:2/16/07
Group out at Little Blair Valley
Line-up at Little Blair Valley : 1/14/03
Bob and Dan -Little Blair
Achieving Balance: 2/16/07
Dan and John - Little Blair
Closely Supervised Battery Check:1/20/07
Dusk at Little Blair
Twilight: Little Blair Valley:2/28/09
LBV Panorama: 1/7/14
Hiking to pass the time: 4/6/13
Little Blair Valley at Dusk: 2/17/18
With Rick Ecker: RIP