Backyard Dome Observatory

FSQ with QSI
FSQ with QSI
FSQ-QSI 683-wsg8
FSQ-QSI 683-wsg8
C9.25 EdgeHD for Planetary Imaging
Lunt solar scope
ZWO camera and TEC140
Cables and Pier
 C9.25 Edge HD planetary rig
Lunt 100DS Solar Scope

ZWO Imaging Train with TEC 140

Cable Management

Solar scope
TEC 140
Waiting for Dark
Samyang 135 mm widefield imaging

80mm Solar Imaging Telescope

TEC 140 Refractor

SkyShed Pod I
Quicktime Video
Dome 2019
SkyShed POD: 2011

POD: Dome Open

Takahashi FSQ 106