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DSi with FLI Camera
DSi RC 10c with FLI 6303
TEC140 with FLI
TEC140 with FLI 6303
Mt Laguna  Summer 2017
Laguna Mountain Site
Clouds over Joshua Tree
Storm Clouds over Joshua Tree
Campsite at Joshua Tree
Group at Joshua Tree
FSQ with solar set-up: Palomar
Summer dual imaging set-up
Solar Imaging
Desert Site with Solar Telescope



Ful Crown at Palomar

Full House at Palomar Site - July 2016

Setup at LBV
Set-up at Little Blair Valley
DSI at dusk
DSI at Dusk on Palomar Mtn
Camera and Guider
ST10 XME with Hutech OAG-5 guider
Lunt 80mm Ha Solar Scope
Solar Imaging Set-up from Home Observatory
TEC140 at Joshua Tree
TEC140 on AP1100: Joshua Tree
AT8RC: Little Blair Valley
DSI RC10C at Little Blair Valley
FSQ106 with AP1100
FSQ 106: Palomar Mtn
With TEC140: Palomar Mtn
DSI Palomar
DSI on an AP Pier at Palomar
Camper Van at Joshua Tree
Set-up at Joshual Tree
FSQ 106
FSQ106: Palomar Mtn
FSQ 106
Silhouette of FSQ: Somewhere
AstroCamping: Palomar Mtn
Windbreaks and tents
Palomar on a Windy Weekend
FSQ 106 with ST-10 XME Camera
 - Little Blair Valley
FSQ with Piggyback Guider
FSQ106 with guidescope at Palomar Mtn
FSQ106: Palomar Obs Parking Lot
Palomar Mtn-July 17th 2010
Set-up: Palomar Obs Parking Lot
Group out at Little Blair Valley
Line-up at Little Blair Valley
Bob and Dan -Little Blair
Achieving Balance: Little Blair
Dan and John - Little Blair
Closely Supervised Battery Check
Dusk at Little Blair
Twilight: Little Blair Valley
Bob and Scott, Palomar Mt
"Double click, I think": Palomar Mtn
Scene at Palomat Mt
Line-up at Palomar Mtn
Little Blair at Dusk
Windblocks: Little Blair Valley
Palomar at dusk
Silhouette: Palomar Mtn
Joshua Tree at Dusk<
Sunset: Joshua Tree Ntl Park
Campsites at Joshua Tree - 2009
Group Scatter: Joshua Tree
At Red Cloud
Tent Camping with FSQ & Sky90
At Red Cloud - December 2008
AstroCamping at Red Cloud
R200SS Newtonian
Vixen R200SS and Friends: Little Blair
Palomar overlooking the desert - after a brief rainstorm
Skyscape from Palomar Mtn
Palomar overlooking the desert - after a brief rainstorm
Local Nebula: Palomar Mtn.
At home waiting for dark
At home waiting for dark