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IC 5070: Pelican Nebula

IC 5070 : Pelican Nebula in Cygnus

Imaged on 05/20/09

Scope: Takahashi FSQ106 Refractor
Mount: Losmandy G-11 with Gemini
Camera: ST-10XME

CFW9 with Astrodon e-series filters
Exposures: 90 minutes of Ha (unbinned), 15 min each of RGB (2x2 binned)
Site: Joshua Tree National Park
Conditions: 62 degrees, no wind, excellent seeing

This large region is an emission nebula located 1800 ly away. The Pelican nebula contains regions of highly active star formation and evolving gas clouds. Separated from the North America Nebula (NGC7000) by a molecular cloud filled with dark dust.