Astrophotography has been my passion since I first captured a photo of Comet Levy in 1991 using a 4.5 in. Newtonian reflector and hand held camera. This event led to several years of using film cameras to capture deep space objects only to end up trashing 80% because of bad focus, jammed camera, poor guiding, or just simply forgetting to advance the film.  Then I discovered CCD imaging and never looked back. Astrophotography offers challenges that require a lifetime to master.

The Photographer


I am an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD, where I design and validate neuromotor outcome measures for pharma clinical trials in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Also engaged in forensic evidence interpretation, particularly in handwriting and signature evidence. My priority now is to spend as much time as possible under dark steady skies surrounded by telescopes, cameras, computers and of course, my long-time astroimaging buds.