Erupting Prom on NE Limb


Ha Solar Image

Object Data

Object type: Sun

Large solar prominence erupting from the NE limb early in the afternoon on 3/12/22.  Time lapse images from the NSO Integrated Syncoptic Program show that this prom resulted from a disintegration of broader prom at 20:50:50 UT.  For a side-by-side comparison of prom that led to this eruption  click here

Surface details include filaments surrounding AR2965

Exposure Data

Date: 03/12/22
Location: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA
Telescope: Lunt LS100T Ha Double Stack solar scope
Camera: FLIR Grasshopper 23S6M videocamera
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Exposure time: 10% of 2000 frames
Exposure time total: 22 f/s
Notes: 2.5x TeleVue Powermate barlow for an effective FL of 1735mm