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The Sun in Ha



The Sun in 0.7A Hydrogen Alpha


Date & Site:

Imaged on 09/29/2014; Runningman Observatory, Carlsbad, CA

Conditions: clear


Telescope: Lunt 80mm Pressure-Tuned Refractor equipped a Hydrogen Alpha (0.7A) bandpass filter and 18mm blocking filter

Mount: Losmandy G-11 Gemini
Camera: Point Grey Monochrome CCD video camera (1296 x 964 pixels) with 0.5 focal reducer


Exposures: 18 frames/second for 2500 frames. Processed by selecting the best 30% frames; stacked and filtered using wavelett functions. Final colorizing and sharpening in Photoshop CS.

This particular capture on 9/29/14 shows solar prominences along the left and top edge; surface structure includes several ribbons and sunspots.

8 light-minutes away

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