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IC 1396 - Elephant's Trunk

Sharpless 155 (Cave Nebula) in Cepheus

Imaged on 7/9/10
Scope:Takahashi FSQ106
Mount: Losmandy G-11 with Gemini
Camera: ST-10XME; CFW10 with Astrodon e-series Ha, OIII, and SII filters

Exposures: 120 min of Ha (red), 120 min of OIII (blue), and 60 min of SIII (green) each from 15 minute subexposures
Site: Palomar Mountain Observatory Grounds, CA
Conditions: 64 degrees, calm, excellent seeing

The nebula is rich in detail and very colourful, due to emissions from ionized hydrogen and oxygen.  SH2-155 is also populated by many dark nebulae and dust lanes, the largest of which resembles a "cave-like" structure.This area contains significant dust clo. Located approximately 2900 light years away in Cephus.