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Rosette narrowband  backyard

NGC 2244 : Rosette Nebula in Monoceros

Imaged on 02/17/10

Scope: Takahashi Sky 90
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Camera/Autoguider: SBIG ST-10 XME with CFW10

Exposures: 50 min each of Ha, OIII, and SII (5-min subs) using Astrodon narrowband filters

Site: Backyard in Carlsbad, CA
Temp: 53 degrees, calm, suburban skies.

The open star cluster NGC2244 is surrounded by gaseous material. Using narrowband filters, hydrogen (green) oxygen (blue) and suflur (red) contribute to this colorful image.

These stars are only 4 million years old and their stellar winds are clearing a hole in the nebula's center.

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