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NGC 7380


NGC 7380: Wizard Nebula in Cepheus

RA = 22h 47 min; Dec = +58 deg 6 min

Date & Site:

Imaged on 06/07/13 and 06/08/13; Palomar Mtn, CA

Imaged over two nights; mild to no winds; 71-65 degrees, very good seeing


Telescope: TEC 140 Refractor at F7 FL= 980 mm

Mount: Losmandy G-11 with Gemini
Camera: ST-10XME; CFW10 with Astrodon filters;

Prime focus guiding


Exposures: 170 min Ha, 170 min OIII and 150 min SII in 10-min subexposures

Discovered by Caroline Herschel on August 7, 1787

The towers of gas that surround the blue regions are created from powerful gravitational forces, stellar winds, and radiation. NGC 7380 is actually reference to an open cluster embedded in the nebula, while th enebula is designated as Sharpless 2-142. More commonly known as the Wizard nebula because of the resemblance to a sorcerer facing right with an open eye, pointed nose and mouth agape. His arms are wide with open hands.

Color mapped using the classic Hubble palate with hydrogen assigned to green, sulfur to red and oxygen to blue. The dominant colors of orange and yellow reflect combinations of hydrogen and sulfur.

FOV = 52 x 35 arc minutes

8,000 light years away

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