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M 38



M38: Open Cluster in Auriga

RA= 5 hr 28 min; Dec = +35 deg 51 min

Date & Site:

Imaged on 1/13/18; Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA

Conditions: temps in the mid 30's; calm; average seeing but poor transparency.


Telescope: DSI RC10c 1867 mm at f/7

Guider: Internal SBIG guide chip

Mount: AP1100 CP3GOTO
Camera: ST-10XME; CFW10; Astrodon LRGB Gen II filters


Exposures: 35 min each of RGB for a total of 1hr 45 min.

M38 is one of 3 bright open clusters in the constellation Auriga. Open clusters are groupings of stars, with numbers as high as a few thousand, thought to have formed from a common molecular cloud at approximately the same time.

(image reduced to 64% of original size)

4.2 thousand light years away

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