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M22: Globular Cluster in Sagittarius

RA = 18 hrs 36 min; Dec = -23 deg 54 min.

Date & Site:

September 5, 2015; Mount Palomar

Conditions: very good seeing; 67 degrees; calm


Telescope: DSI RC10C (f/1867 at f/7.3

Mount: AP1100 GOTCP3
Camera: ST-10XME; CFW10; Hutech OAG5 with autoguider

Astrodon RGB filters


Exposures: 40 minutes each of RGB for a total of 2 Hrs.

M22, one of the nearer globular clusters to us, is found near the galactic bulge in Sagittarius. M22 is one of the brightest globulars visible in the night sky, however, its southern declination masks much of its brightness.

Field of View = 23 x 15 arc minutes

10,600 light years away

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