Day and Night Scenes from the Lockwood Observatories, Descanso, CA

A Collection of Photos by Behyar, Mike and Scott


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Parked for the Night: 4-30-22

Scopes hitting their targets: 4-29-22
NightScape: 7-1-22
Burger Night: July, 2022

Energy for a Long Night: June, 2022
The Gang: July, 2022
Guest Lecture: August, 2022

It was a long night: June 2022
LO2 at Dusk: June 2022
Still of the Night: July 2022

Focal length debate: June 2022
Upper case or lower case? July 2022
Sunset: May, 2022

Sunset: August 2022

Sunset: August 2022

John getting mooned: July 2022

 Lined up and ready, July 2022

Pair of Observatories: August 2022