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Leo Trio


Leo Triplet: M65, M66 and NGC 3628

RA= 11 hr 17 min; Dec = +13 deg 25 min

Date & Site:

Imaged on 2/17/18; Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA

Conditions: temps in the low 30's; calm; average seeing.


Telescope: TEC 140 Refractor; 980 mm at f/7

Guider: Hutech OAG-5 with SBIG STi

Mount: AP1100 CP3GOTO
Camera: FLI 6303E; CFW 2-7; Astrodon LRGB Gen II filters


Exposures: 80 minutes of Lum (10 min subs) and 40 min each of RGB (5 min subs) for a total of 3 hrs 20 min.

In this image, M65 is top right; M66 bottom right, and NGC 3628 to the left. North is left. Each of the three galaxies is a spiral, however their disks are tilted at different angles from our perspective. M66 and NGC3628 at one time underwent gravitational warping (likely due to M65 passing through).

Located 30 million light years away

FOV = 79.5 x 57 arc minutes

Image reduced to 50% of original size. Click here for full image

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