ISS Transit of the Sun on 2/22/21


ISS-Solar Transit

Object Data

Object type: ISS Transit
Distance: 254 miles above earth traveling at over 17,000 miles/hr
Notes: Transit occurred at 12:25:27 and lasted 0.77 seconds.  This image shows the ISS at termination near the eastern limb.  Sunspot AR 2805 is seen on the upper  left side of this image

Exposure Data

Date: 2/22/21
Location: Parking lot in Del Mar California
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106 Refractor, 530 mm fl at f/5 with white-light solar filter
Camera: FLIR Grasshopper videocamera
Mount: Losmandy GM-8
Exposure time: Single frame captured from video at 97 f/s; gain = 443, exp = 0.138ms  
Exposure time total: