IC2177 - Seagull Nebula in Ha (Starless)


IC 2177

Object Data

Object type: Emission nebulae
Magnitude: >10.0
Constellation: Monoceros
Distance: 3650 light years
This is a starless rendition of a massive HII region resembling a seagull.  The region spans ~ 240 light years across.  The starfield layer has been removed in this image to highlight the abundant nebulosity in this area.  Thor's helmet (NGC2359) is shown in lower right. 

To see an image with starfield, click here

Exposure Data

Date: 1/21/23
Location: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA
Telescope: Samyang 135 lens at f/4; Guided through an FSQ106
Camera: ZWO ASI294 with Astronomik Ha (6nm) filter.  STi guide camera
Mount: Losmandy G-11 Gemini I
Exposure times: 12 x 15 min exposures 
Exposure time total: 3 hrs
Binned 2x2.  Not cropped; FOV = 8.37 x 5.30 degrees



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