JU 1 (PN G75.5 + 1.7): Soap Bubble Nebula in Cygnus


Soap Bubble Nebula

Object Data

Object type: Planetary Nebula
Size: 260" angular diameter
Constellation: Cygnus
Distance: 5000 ly
The Soap Bubble was discovered by Dave Jurasevich in 2007 and confirmed as a newly discovered planetary nebula a few years later. Officially designated as Ju 1.  The discovery is featured in the July 2010 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine.

Exposure Data

Date: 06/24 - 6/25//22
Location: Lockwood Observatory 2, Descanso,  CA
Telescope: DSI RC10c; fl 1867mm at f/7.3
Camera: FLI 6303e with Astrodon Ha, OIII and RGB filters
Mount: AP1100 GTO3
Exposure time: 4.5 hrs of Ha; 4.25 hrs of OIII and 25 min each RGB 
Exposure time total: 10 hrs
Reduced to 50% of original and cropped
FOV = 45.1 x 30.5 arcmin.  Image Scale = 0.99 arcsec/pixel
Centered on RA 20h16m22s x Dec +38d02m58s



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