Sh2-240: Spaghetti Nebula in Taurus

Image of the Month, BBC the Sky at Night magazine, Feb, 2023



Object Data

Object type: Supernova Remnant
Size: 3 degrees
Magnitude: 6.5 (peak)
Constellation: Along the boundary between Auriga and Taurus
Distance: 3,000 light years
Sh2-240 (Simeis 147) known as the Spaghetti Nebula, is a massive supernova remnant.  Believed to the result of a stellar explosion 40,000 years ago.  Sh2-240 forms a nearly spherical shell with filamentary structure thoughout.

The supernova left behind a rapidly spinning neutron star (pulsar) that continutes to emit a strong radio signal.

Exposure Data

Date: 11/25 and 11/26/22
Location: Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA
Telescope: Samyang 135 lens at f/4; Guided through an FSQ106
Camera: ZWO ASI294 with Astronomik Ha and OIII narrowband filters (6 nm); STi guide camera
Mount: AP1100 CP3
Exposure times: 30 x 15 min of Ha (7.5 hrs); 21 x 15 min  OIII (5.25 hrs) and 20 min each RGB. Ha assigned to red; OIII to blue and green. 
Exposure time total: 13.75 hrs
Binned 2x2; Cropped. FOV = 4.7 x 4.5 degrees



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