Hickson 44: Galaxy Cluster in Leo


Hickson 44

Object Data

Object type: Galaxy
Size: 3.6 x 1.2 arcmin
Magnitude: 10.89
Constellation: Leo
Distance: 79 million light years

Hickson 44 is a group of galaxies in leo dominated by NGC3190.  NGC3190  is the larger spiral with the dust lane.  Above is NGC 3187 the  "s" shaped galaxy.  The eliptical below is NGC3193 and the barred spiral above and to the right is NGC 3185.  With the exception of NGC 3193 (eliptical) which lies 110 million light years away the three galaxies are each 79 million light years distant. 

Exposure Data

Date: 02/25/22
Location: Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA
Telescope: DSI RC10c; fl 1867mm at f/7.3
Camera: FLI 6303e with Astrodon LRGB filters
Mount: AP1100 GTO3
Exposure time: 16 x 10 min of Lum, 7 x 5 min each RGB
Exposure time total: 4.5 hrs

Cropped. FOV =  33 x 27 arcmin,  Image Scale = 0.99 "/pixel



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