M31: Andromeda Galaxy



Object Data

Object type: Spiral Galaxy
Magnitude: 3.4
Constellation: Andromeda
Distance: 2.1 million ly
This barred spiral galaxy is the nearest galaxy to our Milky Way.  Andromeda galaxy and the Milky way are expected to collinde in 4-5 billion years merging to form a massive elliptical galaxy.  Satellite galaxies M32 and M110 are shown.

Exposure Data

Date: 09/23/22
Location: Lockwood Observatory 2, Descanso,  CA
Telescope: William Optics Star71; 350 mm fl at f/4.9
Camera: ZWO ASI294 with Astronomik LRGB filters; 2x2 binned
Mount: Losmandy GM-8 with Gemini I
Exposure times: 8 x 5 min of Lum, 7 x 5 min each RGB
Exposure time total: 2 hrs 25 min
FOV = 200 x 128 arcmin;
Uncropped; Reduced 60% 
Image Scale = 2.7 arcsec/pixel



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