M106: Active Galaxy in Canes Venatici



Object Data

Object type: Galaxy
Size: 17.0 x 7.2 arcmin
Magnitude: 8.3
Constellation: Canes Venatici
Distance: 25 million light years

M106 is an active Type 2 Seyfert galaxy containing multiple regions of star formation.  An Ha filter was used to highlight these active areas along the spiral arms and to bring out an unusual hydrogen gas jet.  

This image shows this gas jet erupting from a spiral arm below the galaxy core in this orientation.  For an excellent presentation and images of this hydrogen gas jet in optical and x-ray wavelengths, go to Bob Franke's site by clicking  here

Other galaxies picked up in this image include: NGC4248, 4232, 4231, and 4226.  The tiny galaxies near the right and bottom edges of the field are 350-360 million light years away.

Exposure Data

Date: 03/23/22
Location: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA
Telescope: TEC 140 refractor, 980mm fl at f/7
Camera: QSI 683 wsg with Astronomik Ha (6nm) and RGB filters
Mount: Losmandi G-11 Gemini 1
Exposure time: 21 x 15min Ha; 6 x 10min red, 4 x 10min green and blue
Exposure time total: 7 hrs 35min over 2 nights
Processed using the Ha channel as a luminance layer.
Cropped. FOV =  55.4 x 40.3 arcmin,  Image Scale =1.13 "/pixel



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