IC5146: Cocoon nebula in Cygnus


Cocoon Nebula

Object Data

Object type: Reflection/Emission Nebula
Size: 30 light years across
Magnitude: 7.2
Constellation: Cygnus
Distance: 4000 ly
The Cocoon Nebula both reflects radiated stardust (grey dust surrounding the nebula) and emitts hydrogen alpha (color mapped as red). Inside the nebula is a newly developing cluster of stars, some only a few thousand years old. The designation IC 5146 refers to the star cluster while the nebula itself is listed as Sharpless 2-125.

Exposure Data

Date: 08/02 - 08/03//22
Location: Lockwood Observatory 2, Descanso,  CA
Telescope: DSI RC10c; fl 1867mm at f/7.3
Camera: FLI 6303e with Astrodon Ha (3nm) and LRGB filters
Mount: AP1100 GTO3
Exposure times: 19 x 15 min (4.75 hrs) of Ha; 5 x 10 min (50 min) Lum, 5 x 5 min (25 min) each RGB 
Exposure time total: 6 hrs 50 min
Reduced to 50% of original
FOV = 47.8 x 34.6 arcmin.  Image Scale = 0.99 arcsec/pixel



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