IC 2177: Seagull Nebula in Monoceros


IC 2177

Object Data

Object type: Emission Nebula
Constellation: Monoceros
Distance: 3650  light years

This HII region includes many open clusters including NGC 2335 and NGC 2343.  The nebula is approx. 240 light years across

Exposure Data

Date: 01/04/22
Location: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA
Telescope: William Optics Star 71 refractor, 350mm fl  f/4.9
Camera: QSI 683 wg with Astronomik Ha and SII (6nm) filters
Mount: Losmandy G-11 Gemini I
Exposure time: 2 hrs each of Ha and SII (15-min subs)
Exposure time total: 4 hrs
Sky conditions, and humidity rendered the OIII data useless - a common occurrence from the suburbs during Winter. Was able to salvage this 4-hr expsure due to the abundant Ha in this region. This is a bicolor image with Ha assigned to red and SII to green.  Ha channel also used as luminance layer.

FOV = 177 x 133 arcmin, Image Scale: 3.18 "/pixel


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