Sh2-170: Little Rosette in Cassiopeia



Object Data

Object type: Emission Nebula
Size: 20' x 20'
Magnitude: ?
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Distance: 7,500 light years

The open cluster at the center is Stock 18.  Radiation from a bright O8 V star within the cluster ionizes the surrounding hydrogen, sulfer and oxygen gas to create this nebula.

Exposure Data

Date: 10/1 and 10/2/21
Location: Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA
Telescope: DSI RC10c.  1867 mm fl at f/7.3
Camera: FLI 6303E CCD camera with Astrodon Ha and OIII (3nm) filters
Mount: AP 1100 mount GTOCP3
Exposure time: Ha:11 x 15 min, OIII and SII: 10 x 15 min ea
Exposure time total: 7.75 hrs
Color mapped by assigning Ha to Red, OIII to Blue and SII to Green. Abundant Ha and SII give the nebula an orange hue.

FOV = 45 x 31 arc minutes  (slightly cropped and reduced 66% of original size)



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