Sh2-101: Tulip Nebula in Cyngus



Object Data

Object type: HII Emission Nebula
Magnitude: 9
Constellation: Cygnus
Distance: 5,871 light years

Exposure Data

Date: 6/11/21
Location: Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA
Telescope: TEC 140 refractor, 980mm fl at f/7
Camera: FLI  ML6303E with Astrodon LRGB filters
Mount: Astro-Physics 1100 GTOCP3
Exposure time: Ha, SII, OIII (7 x 15 min each); RGB (5 x 5 min each)
Exposure time total: 6.50 hrs
Notes: Narrowband (SHO) data used for the emission line nebula; RGB data used for star colors.

FOV = 53 x 43 arcmin


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