NGC2237: Rosette Nebula


100% resolution (3.67 MB)

NGC2237 Emission-Line Image

Object Data

Object type: Emission Nebula with Cluster
Size: 130 light years in diameter
Magnitude: 9
Constellation: Monoceros
Distance: 5,520 light years
Notes: NGC2244 is the open cluster, surrounded by NGC 2237/38/39 nebulosity

Exposure Data

Date: 12/12/20
Location: Backyard Observatory, Carlsbad, CA
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106 (530mm fl at f/5)
Camera: QSI 683 wgs-8 with Astronomik 6nm narrowband Filters
Mount: Losmandy G-11, Gemini I
Exposure time: Ha  7 x 15 min/ SII and OIII 4 x 15 min
Exposure time total: 3.75 hrs
Notes: Color mapped with Ha=R; OIII=B, SII = G


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