M31: Andromeda Galaxy



Object Data

Object type: Spiral Galaxy
Size: 3.2 degrees
Magnitude: 3.4
Constellation: Andromeda
Distance: 2.5 million light years


The Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies are expected to collide in around 4-5 billion years merging into a giant elliptical galaxy.

Exposure Data

Date: 09/28/19
Location: Little Blair Valley, Anza Borrego Desert, CA
Telescope: FSQ 106, 530mm f/5.4
Camera: ZWO- ASI1600mm Pro with Astronomik LRGB filters
Mount: AP 1100 mount GTOCP3
Exposure time: L 14 x 5 min; RGB (8 x 5 min each)
Exposure time total: 3.5 hrs



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